Limited warranty programs limit the manufacturer’s liability to replacement in the event of defects and gives the customer specific legal rights.

All warranty programs are subject to inspection prior to product exchange.

Only VoltageBatteries® personnel’s inspection is accepted as a valid battery test.

VoltageBatteries offers four (4) limited warranty programs (6-Months Free-Replacement,  1-Year Free-Replacement, 2-Years Program and 4-Years Free Replacement) which are described below.

6-Month Free-Replacement.

1-Year Free-Replacement.

2-Years Program (1-Year Free-Replacement and 1-Year Pro-Rata*)

4-Years Free-Replacement.

If a battery is returned within the Free Replacement Period (calculated from the date of sale) for failure to perform due to defects in materials or workmanship, the customer should be provided a new replacement Battery of the same type at no charge.

Customers must provide a valid proof of purchase (receipt, receipt photocopy or receipt picture) at the time the warranty claim is requested.



  • Severely discharged product.
  • Visible damage caused by abuse or neglect.
  • Damage to batteries which are opened or tampered with in any manner including the introduction of any special additives or electrolyte into the battery.

The customer pro-rated charge for a replacement battery is calculated based on the Retail Price shown on the Mobile Battery Price Sheet (not the actual selling price). A ‘Warranty cost per month” is calculated by dividing the battery price by the number of months in the offered warranty.